Love Athletes are what Daniel proudly calls the courageous souls that are committed to loving (themselves and others) in the way God and Universe intended. Free. Open. And Alive. And with lots of cuddles.

Love Athletes do not go after love. They use love as an experiential inner workout gym, where they can daily expand and heal and awaken, and then enjoy love and relationships as a natural, cosmic effect of their newly activated magnificence. 


A Love Athlete: 

  • Is allergic to average

  • Understands that the game of love is won by hitting the inner gym.

  • Understands that love is not an opiate, but a teacher.

  • Refuses to settle and is willing to do the inner work to make sure that never happens.


Love Athletes, do not sit by the side of the love pool, with their toes in the water, watching other people have fun in the water. Love Athletes get on the high dive of life, every day, and practice and train with courage and desire, to ensure that one day, they will surely ascend to their podium of loving greatness.


The Love Athlete Academy curriculum is based on the principle that humans do not need to learn to love. We are born with the God given desire and capacity to give love and be loved.  What gets in the way however, of our inherent lovability, is…fear.  And all fears, are ultimately linked to the mothership fear, the fear that we are ‘not enough to be loved.’  


In other words, we don’t have love problems, we have ‘not enough to be loved’ problems.   


Therefore, The Love Athletes Curriculum does not train you for love, it trains you to lovingly and mindfully dismantle ‘notenoughness’ from your consciousness, and then let God be their matchmaker.



While much of the language and imagery that Daniel uses, is based around love and relationships, the approach and philosophy of the Love Athlete Academy is valuable to anybody that wants to love, live, and lead, at the highest level possible.


The Love Athlete System (L.A.S) acts as a kind of M.R.I of the soul that reveals to you (at a much higher level of precision and clarity than you've previously had) what exactly is keeping you from the deep, nourishing love you desire. 


As well as a full set of tools and accompanying multi-tier system which facilitates a systematic staircase towards inner magnificence and relationship satisfaction. 

In addition, Love Athletes are trained and equipped with seven soul-activating perceptual tools (The SeeQuences) that act as a metaphorical computer bug detection system, that locates bugs in your love software.  And then allows them to re-write their code with an updated operating system that naturally attracts and creates their soul's desire.



The idea of training for love, may not seem sexy and romantic. But by having a set of tools and a system that can illicit your very own measureable march towards feeling fully ‘loveable’ and ‘worthy,’ and then from that place of gob-smacking ‘enoughness’ and ‘worthiness’…attract, keep and enjoy alivening love at the deepest, most toe-curling levels….well, let’s just say that IS pretty sexy and romantic.


Also, because the Love Athlete Curriculum is addressing your love struggles, at the deepest level possible (feeling ‘enough to be loved’) you will quickly experience profound shifts on the inside, and therefore quickly notice almost miracle like shifts on the outside.  


And because The Love Athlete Curriculum is a process of accelerated awakening,  you can enjoy the divine benefits and cosmic gifts of your awakening now, instead of ten years from now.  That means less suffering, and more cuddles. 


  • Attracting quality, committed people that actually  like you back

  • Reinvigorating your relationship with the sexy, intimate aliveness you had when you first met.

  • No more zombie relationships, that suck the life out of you

  • Not feeling 12 years old when you talk to somebody you like

  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin

  • Liking what you see in the mirror. Even that one part you are kind of self-conscious about.

  • Feeling deeply loved and seen for exactly who you are.

  • Set boundaries like a boss

  • Caring less what other people think.  Especially that person. You know the one.

  • Feeling naturally more authentic and fully self-expressed

  • Less overthinking and more heart based flow and spontaneity



The most efficient and economical way to experience Daniel's teachings, and begin training to be a Love Athlete, is to be part of Daniel’s signature online training series Next Level Love.  Next Level Love is the foundational piece to the entire Love Athlete Curriculum, and introduces you to Daniel’s proprietary processes, The SeeQuence, and The Hurty/Flirty Model. 


But most importantly, because Next Level Love is designed to work quickly and potently, in a few weeks you will begin to feel better and love better.  And enjoy the benefits listed above.



His book ‘Love’s One Lesson: How One Thing Can Change Everything’ uses hilarious stories from Daniel’s own life, along with transcripts from his sessions with former clients, to orchestrate an engaging journey that experientially illustrates that:


A) The multitudinous complexities of love can be simplified down to one core concept, our capacity to believe we are ‘good enough to be loved.'

 B) If we focus our heroic journey on re-remembering with this one core belief, God and the Universe will show up magically as our ultimate matchmaker and wingman.